Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today, a small shift in my weekly tech blog.  Yeps, itz about my College Golden jubilee and Department Silver jubilee.

Last week, we're honored to be part of Department alumni Meet. One of the key day in my life, to spend with my old UG friends, teachers where I was groomed 25 years back. We ran few interactive and interesting sessions with lot of fun and knowledge sharing.

PayBack - keyword in our life.  As God transitioned me from match box child labor to wall street, time to pay back to my ladders-motivating friends, molding teachers, sacrificing institute. Without their commitments and dedications, I'm nothing in my life after the parents.

During this event, a short film was show cased to motivate the students.  Enjoy it at

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Dear readers, Happy New Year 2014.  Let us have a look back at 2013, on the year Big Data work began widely in the industry.

The biggest accomplishment of the Apache Hadoop Community, as a whole, is the delivery and acceptance of Hadoop 2.0. It takes Hadoop beyond a single-use data platform for batch processing to a multi-use platform that enables batch, interactive, online and stream processing.

Hortonworks was first out of the gate with its HDP 2 Platform that leverages Hadoop 2, and there’s no doubt that the company’s growing list of partners.

Cloudera announced Cloudera Enterprise 5, which is fundamental to its newly announced “Data Hub” strategy. The market had strong reactions to that.

Microsoft made a huge Hadoop-related proclamation and announced that the company now had its own Hadoop distribution, but also his plan to deliver Big Data to 1 billion users.

And MapR kept marching on its mission to make its Hadoop distro faster, safer and more secure for its customers.