Sunday, May 30, 2010

Real Controller

In general, MVC stands for Model (database), Controller (business logic), View (what you see/view logic). During the recent hands-on in ASP .NET MVC, Controller component is quite interesting. By the way, the vendor abstracts every thing and itz a matter of few seconds to create the app. Still, the cool point about the controller is that web request URL is routed programmatically thro built in mechanism. In the traditional ASP .NET, URL is through pagenames/URL rewriting via the physical locations in web server. If you notice the motive of web form, just to mimic winform model development with the introduction of ViewState and PostBack, which creates few problem. Many webpages have significant size of view state that affects the performance and also developers don't have the control of HTML rendering, which is done by server. Apparently, unit testing is quite challenging. Now, if you switch into MVC, it has clean separation of MVC, SEO and REST friendly URL, No viewstate and postback and programmatically routing. Isn't it Cool?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

WCFClient ServiceReference Folder

Though WCF claims the multiple end point connectivity in the next gen distributed computing, itz an interesting problem in terms of client connectivity reference.

Letz talk with a specific example. A console client application is created to consume a WCF Service. With the usual process of VS2008 WCF example, every thing works fine. Cool! One thing got noticed is the directory structure. In the sense, WCF Service Reference is mandated to be at Service References folder of the client application. On relocating to another directory structure, the app couldn't locate the service at all. Itz weird. Drilled little bit. Noticed VS Data Source file for the service reference namely 'ConsoleApplication1.WCFServiceRef. CompoisiteType', as refered in the image. The content of the data source says
ConsoleApplication1.WCFServiceRef.CompositeType, Service
Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

It talks about type info with reference of 'Reference.cs' file. No where in the content and directory, the absolute path is not specified. Still, app needs 'ServiceReference' under the client application folder. Quite thrill to know!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ASP .NET MVC backyard

With the coding experience of VC++, previous gen programmers learnt Model View Controller (MVC) pattern in During that course, they need to write from scratch meaning writing their own model, views and controller in VC++ using MFC base classes. The behavior of MVC operations are hardly coded by making their hands dirty. With this tech background, had a chance to write the first ASP .NET MVC using 2.0 RC (Release Candidate) framework, supplied by Microsoft. You know what, itz surprising experience Becaz FW automatically built the project solution structure in a true way with Model, View, Controller, Config projects and the core functional objects.

As the programmer, the duty is jst adding my product messages within little timeslot. FW takes care of the complete MVC operations; programmer needs to type a tiny LOC(Line Of Code) to complete the product.

On watching this programming trend, itz obvious that vendors are focusing more and more core work and programmers are jst to heat the frozen food to eat; no more kitchen stuff!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Jst back from one of the lovely moments in the life.

Guess what! Itz 20th Annual meet. Our effort started few months back. Out of 24 classmates, 16 gathered with families across the globe. It was initiated on 2003 end after my US return. Though, we had 2 gatherings (just friends), this May-2010 event was mega with family, prof, HOD, principal. Lot of emotional, thanks, sorry, dedication during stage shows. In fact, our teachers were so proud on seeing our growth. We presented a small video with full of old memories and thanx note with inspiring note. Mind blowing!
Few families had Kodai 5 days trip in an isolated guest house, as the follow-up. Had great fun, teasing, old moments sharing to next gen, etc

As JK said, Life is full of lovely moments. With that, now back to work. Herez some snaps at

We are humbled and honored to host tribute to our teachers