Sunday, December 21, 2014

HP Vertica on Hadoop

Couple of weeks back, I wrote my work experience on HP Vertica performance improvement strategy.  Another big data update on HP Vertica, integration with Hadoop ecosystem.

Hewlett-Packard is building a bridge between traditional SQL database analytics and Big Data on Hadoop systems. The result is HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop.

HP officially unveiled the new offering — though reports about the offering (previously code-named Dragline) surfaced in May 2014.

HP said, “expanded SQL-on-Hadoop exploration and cost-optimized storage eliminates the need to move data and supports even more formats for data exploration, including Parquet, Thrift, Avro and CEF. Businesses can now ingest, explore and visualize more data more quickly and easily with their choice of Business Intelligence/data visualization environments.”

HP also confirms that the SQL-on-Hadoop support is vendor agnostic. In other words, HP’s offering will work with such leading Hadoop distributions as Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Google vs Microsoft

Google is really getting serious about selling Google Apps for Work, its Microsoft Office killer, to more businesses.

Currently, the standard commission it pays is 20%, sources close to Google told the Wall Street Journal( To do the math: at the low end, Google sells Apps for $50/user/year, which gives the reseller a $10/user/year commission, while Google keeps $40. On the high end, it costs $120/user/year, which equates to $48 commission for year for the reseller while Google keeps $72

For resellers that sell more, Google will now give them a bigger commission. Plus they will be encouraged to sell other services to Google Apps customers (like support, training, and customization).

This move is one of a series that Google is making to win over Microsoft.

Google hasn't publicly released details of the new commission plan. But it did post this blog telling resellers all the great new things it plans to do for them. Ref:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Datastax 4.6

As I am working to roll out the final version of our product,  I missed couple of weeks in Nov to write.  Interesting industry Big Data update: Datastax 4.6 launch.

This week @Cassandra Summit Europe 2014, Datastax launched DSE 4.6, with in-memory big data architecture using Spark,Shark,Solr,etc. for IoT (Internet of Things), web and mobile applications.

Highlight of this release:

  1. Seamless integration with Corporate security standards, LDAP and Active Directory
  2. Apache Spark streaming analytics integrated with real-time transactions processing delivers new levels of personalization at global scale
  3. Enhanced backup and restore service sets new standards in customer data protection
  4. Advancements in OpsCenter 5.1 further enhances operational simplicity in multi datacenter environments on premise, in the cloud or both

DataStax Enterprise 4.6 is currently available and DataStax OpsCenter 5.1 will be generally available in January 2015.

DataStax Download
DSE 4.6 Release Notes
Summit Ref