Saturday, December 18, 2010

Martin Fowler in Chennai

This week, ThoughtWorks Chief Scientist, author & Agile Manifesto Co-founder Martin Fowler was in RainTree Mount hotel, Chennai on Wednesday 15 Dec. Martin shared his rich experiences & thoughts on Software Design and Architecture in the 21st Century. The talk was well organised by ThoughtWorks.

At the events, Martin shared his views on Agile methods, and in particular, Domain Specific Lanuguage (DSL) Programming; as a leading voice in these techniques, he gave a suite of short talks on his thoughts and ideas about how these methods and other developments affect software development. Itz quite interesting the way he runs the sessions. He started with interesting topic introduction as 'in stead of taking single boring topic, letz take 3 different areas'.

Itz a pleasant learning experience about documentation and itz expected level for the better productivity. Martin recommended the non traditional way of communication channel - Share and Speak. I liked his quote 'Design/develop in Group; Review individually' against the traditional vice versa path.

I feel itz a better fit for everyone in the industry like technical leads, senior project managers, architects, senior developers & testers, program managers, VPs and CXOs.

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