Sunday, February 6, 2011

Salute to Master

CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) honoured me by inviting to share the recent technology in IT industry. Itz 2 days South India conference. On Thursday (3rd Feb), I shared the latest technology in Microsoft platform.

Though I used to take sessions to college student community frequently, this is the first time in my life to run an official conference. To be frank, itz kind of bit nervous during the inaugural function. They had 2 industry speakers per day. During the inaugural process, I was one of the celebrity for the lighting (kuthu vilaku) event. After the official introduction, the huge conference stage was only to me. My agenda was to share overview at 11-12:30, 3-4 deep dive and 5-5:30 hands on demo. In between, the other speaker covered.

On attending some interactive, impressive, inspiring sessions in my career, I thought of following the same methodology. Took the packet collar mike, walked inside the crowd, asked few interactive questions, shared reward(jst choc) to them. Sessions reached quite well. My prof Ms TamilSelvi was part of the crowd and enjoyed the transition in her product on last 20 years.

Committee shared a wonderful momento with overwhelming positive feedback and standing applause from the audience. When they shared vote of thanks at EOD (End Of the Day), I requested few mins for me. Exact script was as below:

  • Itz immense pleasure for me to get this opportunity. Thanx to everyone in this conf.
  • Exactly 2 decades ago, same person don't know how to speak cont in English, how to draft the presentation, how to connect audience. Today's credit goes to all my mentors especially my first one Prof TamilSelvi
  • Thanx everyone!

On seeing my prof in 3rd row, she is full of tears (with joy). Jst before leaving conf, I told her that we used to feel proud when our IT products are appreciated by end customers. And today itz your turn, Mam. One of the glourious moments in my life. Salute to true masters!

PS: On Feb 1991 (2nd year of UG), I was selected for my first tech presentation (RISC/CISC) in TCE, Madurai. Felt worried and reluctant. My prof coached/groomed for 2 weeks to host on the stage. Now, itz Feb 2011.


  1. Ganesan , Are you talking about Ms.Tamil Selvi from Anna Universtiy ECE Dept ?..I went to her one time when i was doing my Masters do get some help on my Project to do a parallel processing on the 9 Core - Cell Broadband Engine Architecture Power PC.She helped me a lot. Proud about you Ganesan ..rather than showing lot of colors ..accepting things and appreciating the ladders...(Masters)..

  2. Thanx Anand. My prof is from MKU. Without ladders, I'm nothing.