Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cloud trend in business

Cloud computing isn’t a technology, or even a set of technologies. It is a newly understood paradigm for approaching application delivery. This is why every vendor you can think of has been saying for the past two years that it has cloud products. Itz not invention; but discovery of 1970s time shares methodology with enrichment. We just didn’t put them in the wider context of the global communications network. Now we do.

We do anticipate ongoing centralization. For example, today’s ERP cloud will become tomorrow’s ERP-human resource management cloud, and the day after tomorrow’s corporate private cloud for general company use. The biggest share of dedicated private cloud budgets today comes from hardware investment as indicated in the graph.Nearly all organizations have hardware as part of their private cloud budget, closely followed by software products.

Organization and management become critical issues. And this need for staffing is an ongoing cost, not something you can write off after startup. Much of cloud spending is drawn—and will continue to be drawn—out of non-cloud budgets. This is a perfect example of how cloud computing functions as a framework for building corporate service strategies, rather than serving as a technology unto itself.

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