Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazon Cloud Player

Interesting product from Amazon; itz nothing but Amazon Cloud Player. Amazon has made its entry into the music streaming world with Amazon Cloud Player. Rather than stream a library of predetermined music, Cloud Player lets you upload your existing music library and stream it from any computer or Android device.

Amazon Cloud Player is a browser based application that supports Mac and PC computers and iPad devices. Cloud Player is not optimized to run on some mobile phones or tablets including: iPhones, Blackberrys, and Windows Mobile devices. For Android phones and tablets, itz recommended to install the Amazon MP3 app for Android which includes Amazon Cloud Player for Android.

You can upload your existing music library to Amazon Cloud Drive so all of your music is stored in one place and accessible from anywhere. All Amazon accounts have access to 5GB of free Cloud Drive storage for uploading content. Additional storage is available for an annual fee.

Amazon has thrown down the gauntlet and set a high bar for cloud-based music streaming. Apple and Google, which are expected to launch their own cloud players sometime this year, will have to match Amazon on usability and price if they’re going to compete.

Amazon can’t rest on its laurels though; Apple will surely harness its control of the iPhone, iTunes and iOS to boost its own offering and give the shopping giant a run for its money.

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