Thursday, September 22, 2011

UP2011 Cloud Conference

Impact of cloud on global economy, trends and developments in cloud computing for 2011-2012 is the theme for year end event in Mountain View, California in December 2011. The format has been developed for International UP 2011 Cloud Conference to provide a platform for users and providers to approach cloud from theoretical and practical standpoint. Keynote sessions, panel discussions will contribute to more precise understanding of the definition, adoption and development of cloud. Also, conference aims at enriching the dialogue between various users and providers from different industry verticals.

A 'common language' among cloud enablers and consumers has already been sought at first UP and Cloud Slam conferences that have provided a highly valuable input into the still emerging field of cloud computing. In Toronto 2009, San Francisco 2010 and Mountain View 2011(Spring), enterprise cloud adopters and major cloud providers came together to discuss various aspects related to the cloud. Different perspectives on the issue have been examined and the conferences provided important insights to the sub-themes of cloud. Nevertheless open questions remained: these questions deal with the general understanding of what benefits cloud computing brings for business and global economy in general. Conference participants urged to solve the ambiguities in the understanding of cloud computing and find better way to leverage cloud for their business goals.

UP 2011 conference adopts an interdisciplinary and international perspective aiming to approach the theme from an analytical and global point of view that also includes the discussion of appropriate methodology to analyse and measure effects and success of cloud computing.

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