Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mobile Computing Trend

We are already shifted into a new era of mobile computing, one that promises greater variety in applications, highly improved usability, and speedier networking. The iPhone era from Apple is the poster child for this trend, but there are plenty of other developmentsthat point in this direction. Google-led Android phone offers a compelling open-source alternative to Apple's device.

While the current 3G is an improvement on data speeds, the upcoming 4G networks will be even faster and more reliable through sending data as IP packets. Western countries are already in 4G mobile. Heavy mobile data users are likely to trip to one billion by 2013.

56% of enterprises use a wireless LAN, 36% are evaluating or piloting. It shows the significant increase wireless access. Emerging 4G wireless networks offer increased wireless speed.

Android, Apple's iOS, Windows Phone 7, and other smartphones will continue to become more advanced. Example: The new Google Nexus S is one of the first smartphones to support Near-Field Communication (NFC), which lets the phone communicate wirelessly with other NFC objects within 4 inches. Though barely in use today, NFC will enable smartphone users to easily make payments in stores or receive information about a local business via an NFC window sticker.

Smartphones will get smarter!!!

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