Saturday, June 23, 2012


Surface is a planned series of tablet computers designed and marketed by Microsoft. The Surface will be available in two versions, "Surface" or "Surface Pro". The product was announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event on June 18, 2012, at Milk Studio.

There are five things which are better in Surface on comparision with iPad.

1. Touch Keyboard Cover
Typing on tablet computers can be a struggle for those accustomed to PC's physical keyboards. Microsoft Surface offers a solution with a lightweight keyboard attachment that clicks into place and doubles as a cover for the device.

2. Integrated Kickstand
Microsoft is keen on packing convenience into its new devices. Each Surface comes with a built-in kickstand that pops out from the back panel and props the device at an angle, letting the user enjoy media or type comfortably on a flat surface.

3. Digital Ink And Stylus
Microsoft designed the Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface tablet to accept stylus input. The company's demonstration of how the digital ink works gave the impression that writing, highlighting and underlining on the tablet is easy

4. USB Ports
Plenty of people weren't happy when the iPad launched without USB ports back in 2010. Microsoft seems to have taken that to heart. The width of the Surface offers just enough space for a traditional USB.

5. Options For Casual And Power Users
Microsoft can be used either as tablet for casual users or laptop for power users.

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