Friday, October 5, 2012

Win8 Copy NewLook

After conducting research with users of Microsoft 7 and older operating systems, Microsoft has discovered that when it comes to using Windows Explorer, 50% of us use it for copying files, moving files, renaming files and deleting files.

They also found that whilst for most of us, these tasks complete within seconds, for some people, especially those who are copying or deleting huge amounts of data, these tasks can take over two minutes to complete.  So, they've re-designed the whole thing. Now when you copy files, you get one user interface, (UI) open to show all copying jobs.

To help you to decide which job to pause, if you click on the 'More Details' button you can see a graphical representation of how much data is being transferred.  As mentioned in the screen shot, you can pause each job from this screen to speed up the data transfer of one particular job.

If the rest of the improvements to Windows 8 are as impressive as these improvements to Windows Explorer, this should be a very interesting new operating system indeed.

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