Thursday, July 4, 2013


Splunk is getting on board with a new Hadoop-based application it cheekily calls Hunk. Hunk takes Splunk’s popular analytics platform and puts it to work on data stored in Hadoop. Businesses that use Hadoop can now use this for exploration and visualization of data. Itz key features are:
  • Splunk Virtual Index: Splunk virtual index technology enables the “seamless use” of the entire Splunk technology stack, including the Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL), for interactive exploration, analysis and visualization of data stored anywhere, as if it was stored in a Splunk software index.
  • Explore data in Hadoop from one place: Hunk is designed for interactive data exploration across large, diverse data sets on top of Hadoop.
  • Interactive analysis of data in Hadoop: Hunk enables users to drive deep analysis, detect patterns, and find anomalies across terabytes and petabytes of data.
  • Create custom dashboards: Hunk users can combine multiple charts, views and reports into role-specific dashboards which can be viewed and edited on laptops, tablets or mobile devices.
Splunk has 5,600 customers, which includes half of the Fortune 100. It says the new Hunk product will target both new and existing customers, as long as they use Hadoop.

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