Saturday, August 3, 2013

Social Intelligence

No matter what industry a business operates in, data is now being used more than ever before to gain an advantage. Social is only one of the newest layers in this big data bonanza, and some companies that were early adopters are starting to mature their models into Social Intelligence.

Enterprises have an average of 178 social media accounts, the report found, and an array of departments and executives are increasingly active there. However, when it comes to things like customer relationship management, analytics and market research, social data is mostly isolated. This leads to disjointed efforts across a company, and doesn’t allow for a strategic, holistic view to be put into place.

It’s becoming a roadblock as companies seek to really tap into social data insights, so companies need to develop a common framework for social data collection and integration. Not doing so could result in poorer customer experiences, and of course, missed opportunities.

Altimeter collected input from 34 enterprise organizations on how to integrate social data, and how to build holistic systems that scale for its report.

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