Sunday, September 1, 2013

BigData Ayasdi

Ayasdi’s Insight Discovery platform highlights include automatic discoveries from complex data and operationalization of end-to-end analytic workflow tied to complex and expensive business problems. It computes across hundreds to millions of attributes to automatically find similarity amongst data points and surface hidden patterns and anomalies in the data. Users can also deploy an API to automate integration across in-house and third party applications to fully operationalize the end-to-end analytic workflow.

 Topology isn't new, but using it to analyze and understand big data is a novel idea -- one that could empower business users to find value in very large data sets without having to consult data scientists or write algorithms or models.

That's the promise of Ayasdi, a Palo Alto-based startup that uses topological data analysis to quickly glean meaning from big data.The company says its approach to analyzing big data is unique. Based on the work of Stanford University mathematics professor and Ayasdi cofounder Gunnar Carlsson, Ayasdi's enterprise-focused tools apply the abstruse concepts of topology to quickly identify relevant patterns in data.

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