Saturday, April 12, 2014

BigData Tech Gain

Recent funding in Hadoop vendors underscores how venture capitalists see big bucks in managing Big Data. Last month, Hadoop providers Cloudera Inc., Hortonworks Inc. and Platfora Inc. received a collective $1 billion from investors convinced that they are onto something big.

Hadoop is a storage system that ingests large amounts of data from servers and breaks it into manageable chunks. Programmers structure the data, move it into a relational database, and study it with an analytical application. Companies supplement their relational databases with Hadoop because it organizes, or processes,  data faster and more cheaply, running on a series of commodity servers. Hadoop is also better at processing text, photos, images than relational databases, which store data in tables and rows. And Hadoop’s architecture allows developers to collect information and figure out what to do with it later; relational systems require developers to carefully design and store data with a scheme planned in advance.

Stay tuned to the emerging technology trend-Big Data.

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