Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hortonworks Security

Mid May'14, Hortonworks, the leading provider of enterprise Apache Hadoop, cquired XA Secure, a leading data security company, to accelerate its delivery of a holistic and centralized approach to Hadoop security.

As the result of this acquisition, Hortonworks publishes the security roadmap with earlier, current and future state.  The relevant security capabilites, are listed as below:

Earlier State
  • Kerberos Authentication
  • HBase, Hive & HDFS authorization
  • Wire Encryption for HDFS, Shuffle & JDBC
  • Basic audit in HDFS & MR
  • ACLs for HDFS
  • Knox: Hadoop REST API Security
  • SQL-style Hive Authorization
  • Expanded Wire Encryption for HiveServer2 & WebHDFS

Current State
  • Centralized Security Administration for HDFS, HBase & Hive
  • Centralized Audit Reporting
  • Delegated Policy Administration

Future State
  • Encryption in HDFS, Hive & HBase
  • Centralized security administration for all Hadoop components
  • Expand audit to cover more operations and provide audit correlation
  • Offer additional SSO integration choices
  • Tag-based global policies

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