Saturday, December 6, 2014

Datastax 4.6

As I am working to roll out the final version of our product,  I missed couple of weeks in Nov to write.  Interesting industry Big Data update: Datastax 4.6 launch.

This week @Cassandra Summit Europe 2014, Datastax launched DSE 4.6, with in-memory big data architecture using Spark,Shark,Solr,etc. for IoT (Internet of Things), web and mobile applications.

Highlight of this release:

  1. Seamless integration with Corporate security standards, LDAP and Active Directory
  2. Apache Spark streaming analytics integrated with real-time transactions processing delivers new levels of personalization at global scale
  3. Enhanced backup and restore service sets new standards in customer data protection
  4. Advancements in OpsCenter 5.1 further enhances operational simplicity in multi datacenter environments on premise, in the cloud or both

DataStax Enterprise 4.6 is currently available and DataStax OpsCenter 5.1 will be generally available in January 2015.

DataStax Download
DSE 4.6 Release Notes
Summit Ref

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