Sunday, April 12, 2015

Teradata Aster AppCenter

Teradata recently launched big data Apps powered by the Teradata Aster AppCenter. It allows a user to pre-package SQL, SQL-Map Reduce and SQL-Graph code into a one-click App which can then be shared with business users. When Apps are run they produce a report which can comprise tables, visualizations or a combination of both. The most basic type of App has its data source and input columns hard-coded in and will produce the report off whatever data is in the source table. Portable Apps allow the user to specify table and input columns – thereby running the App on different data sources.

Labour intensive tasks such as importing CSV data, moving data from other databases or from Hadoop, parsing semi-structured data such as weblogs, XML or json, and executing path, text and graph analyses can all be pre-packaged into a user-friendly one click app.  There is a RESTful APi to facilitate the integration of AppCenter output into web applications and make them available on mobile devices.

AppCenter is part BI tool like Tableau or Cognos, part code repository like Git or Subversion, and part collaboration and sharing space like Confluence – but it is not going to replace any of these. It is a way of making analytic repeatable and sharable.

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