Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Annual Report

Here, you go to the end of the year 2015 and ready to welcome 2016.

An annual report is a comprehensive report on the individual activities throughout the preceding year. Herez my annual report of 2015.

Itz been quite interesting year, as I logged into my dream institute IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). It was my aspiration and so enjoying each and every moment in the campus.

In terms of career, proud to lead the huge production roll-out of enterprise data hub product for the leading financial firm, as the result of 15+ months team effort. In continuation, learnt a lot on seeding the automated application development model for the telephony system as Solutions Architect.

Had an opportunity to have momentary Europe (France, Germany, Swiss, Belgium) trip with my family (whoz behind my effort/success).

Had 3 vacation trip with my friends & their family to strengthen the re-union and true friendship.

On the flip side, rain batters Chennai and made the city to shut down for 5 days.  It was pathetic situation around the city. Mother Nature taught us a lot.  At the same time, humanity was exhibited by the fellow citizens around India.  Personally, I was so much impressed by their unconditional love.

Live every minute @ passionate way with love, grace and gratitude.  Do what you Love; Love what you Do.

Best wishes and prayers to you & your family for Happy New Year 2016.

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