Tuesday, May 24, 2016

VB Silver Anniversary

This week is turned to be to mark the 25th (“Silver Anniversary”) considering that Visual Basic (VB) 1st debuted to the world. A celebration so comprehensive it is also a marathon.  VB has the journey across each era, from VB 1. to VB6 to the early days of VB.NET to Roslyn

Despite much of the hate VB has gotten over the years, it served an insanely important purpose in the rise of internal business software. Itz amazed at how much of their world still runs on VB6 applications. Something like 1/3 of insurance software still does.

The transition from VB6 to VB.NET was a really sad one as it lost a lot of people - .NET is a lot more difficult than it was.  The result is that an entire group of people simply stopped making software and now we have businesses running on applications that are more than 20 years old that some random person in the company threw together over a week.

There's a huge gulf between building a VB6 app and throwing together a web app today and despite much of the progress that  has been made, we've taken some big steps back in terms of accessibility.

The difference between VB.NET and C# is pretty superficial, but I sincerely hope that someday people can experience the magic that something like VB6 offered.  A lot of people got their start in programming using Visual Basic.

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