Friday, September 9, 2016

Fire Price Slash

Couple of weeks back, I wrote about Amazon Alexa and its functionality.  Amazon is taking this emerging technology with dog-food mode i.e. to leverage in its own tablet product - Fire.

Amazon wants to be under the Christmas tree this year. It's cut the price of its new Fire tablet almost in half and added its popular voice assistant, Alexa, in hopes of making it a hot holiday item, despite a slump in overall tablet sales.

The new Fire HD8 tablet will cost $90, down from $150. Mixed-use battery life is up to 12 hours from 8, and the base storage is doubled to 16 gigabytes.

The biggest change is that the tablet will have Alexa functionality. That means that when users tap and hold the tablet's home button, they can ask the assistant for anything from weather reports to news queries, and also get the device do things like adjusting the lights or temperature on compatible smart-home devices.

Are you ready for XMas Fire purchase ?!!?

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