Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Workplace Hackathon

Typically itz an event, lasting several hours or days, in which a team of professionals with different backgrounds come together. This focused tiny passionate group, works around a problem or idea. Objective is to build collaboratively a unique solution from scratch.  Output is a working model of the conceptual idea using few production data.

Design principle is to sense the input, optimize the process and act the output.

Recent Experience
Earlier, I used to have my personal Hackathon experiences. So far, I worked in leading consultancy and captive firms @ India. Being part of product company, this is the first Hackathon from my workplace.

So, I thoroughly enjoyed 36 hours work place Hackathon with my colleagues. Team member represents different role play like product manager, developer, tester, infra specialist.

Our pitch
Our team build a pitch to leverage IoT and Big Data as part of product development.

Lesson Learnt
Before the event, it is essential to make sure all your infra structure are setup and tested with ready to go state.

By design, it is expected to simplify your project as much as possible. It has been high probability that are not that important for the prototype and so you create the prioritize such events.

As a best practice, it is better to save at least last couple of hours for production testing and final bug fix.

On lighter side, you should plan to sleep and make breaks either you are too tired or your production is low. You shouldn't miss to feed you the proper food in a good amount of time interval.

Top 5 Benefits
In my mind, Top 5 business / technical benefits of Hackathon, listed as below:
  1. Idea Generation
  2. Platform Exposure
  3. Democratization of Innovation
  4. Team Building
  5. Nurture Creativity
To my personal objective - Continuous Learning & Continuous Sharing, this Hackathon event created yet another opportunity.

Until the next event, I'm signing off from this space.

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