Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Marathon Lessons

First of all, wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2017.

Today, itz been an awesome moment during Chennai Wipro Marathon. It was 10 KM race in a beautiful morning near world's second longest beach - Marina.

Though my presence is the first time for this event, itz been a lot of lessons learnt here with different dimensions. Wish to align Top-5 list with my career line.

1. Consistency
As Benjamin said, "Secret of Success is Consistency of Purpose" Though I follow this discipline in my career, itz a different mix of experience in Today's Marathon.  One of my friend (Kannan) is pretty good marathanist. In the absence of my professional preparation, just pair program with him for 70% route. Consistent phase without break, hits decent scorecard of 9 KM/hour. It leads to finish in Top 450 list.

2. Collaboration
During this run, itz evident of many humanity activities by participants, volunteers, supporting people, etc.  It was too encouraging to the event runners by various social support groups. We termed as the highest degree of Collaboration in our industry to boost the business result. As depicted in this section snap, "Alone we can do little; together can do much".

3. Device Driven
Being an IT engineer, I always worried about technology usage gap between end customer and tech firm. As an example, we use the high end tech gadget in home; whereas IT customers are not delivered with that level.  In Today's event, I've observed this use case. Every participant is given with wearable connected smart device to track completely. In key spot of the route, the sensor data receivers were deployed to collect the individual track record. Itz termed as Internet of Things (IoT), an emerging disruptive technology platform in the current IT industry.

4. Real time Update
Big Data is a game changing technology in IT and its related business. Being hot core engineer and pursuing Doctorate in this space, I was font of implementing the solutions. Though, firms are facing so much challenges to roll-out, I'm witnessing the effective usage here. All athletes are requested to register for the recommended application with their BIB no or picture code through a widget(small form) placed on the race website. Once the photos are automatically tagged by the system, the branded photos will be uploaded directly to athletes personal Facebook profile even with creating an individual race album.

5. Social Cause
Over the years, itz been the tremendous support from the people of Chennai. Different people choose different ways to contribute to society, some choose to donate money, some choose to raise money by reaching out to their inner circle, some volunteer their time and skills.  This event provides a platform for everyone to find a perfect match in terms of the manner in which they want to give back to society.

As the closing note, finished 10 KM category in decent time of an hour and 6 minutes. In spite of my first attempt, managed to position in Top-450 list out of 20 Thousands Chennai runners.

See you next year with better scorecard !!

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