Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Angular 4

Angular is a JavaScript framework to develop web apps. You must have used web apps in your daily life like Gmail, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin. Then, i must tell you that developing a web app is more complex than developing a simple website.

Thatz why we have many frameworks in the market available to manage the complexity like Angular, Backbone, Ember, React etc.  Now what is Angular 4?

There were tons of frameworks all around and different ways to make web applications, but few years back Google started Angular - a framework that is visionary about future changes in the web APIs and receptive to it.

Back in September when the new Angular was finally released, the Angular team also announced they will switch to Semantic Versioning (SEMVER). 

As the name already explains, Semantic Versioning is all about adding meaning to version numbers. This allows developers to not only reason about any upgrade we do, but we can even let tools such as NPM do it in a automatic and safe manner for us.

A semantic version consists of 3 major breaking change, 2 minor new features and 1 patch bug fixes.

Stay tuned for more updates in couple of days !!!

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