Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Making Time

One of the famous quote is ringing back in my mind “It is not about having time; it is about making time”

College of Engineering Guindy (CEG) is a top most engineering institute in my state Tamilnadu, INDIA. Itz not only brightest but also one of the oldest engineering college, founded in 1794.

CEG used to conduct the national level technical symposium during the first quarter of every year. This year, it was scheduled between Mar 1 and Mar 3 at CEG campus of Anna University, Chennai.

This well renowned national level event is a platform for the student/research communities to gain insight of the contemporary technical contraptions. My strong belief is that Industry and Institutes must have stronger collaboration on day to day business. Apparently, it provides an opportunity to triumph in this fast pacing disruptive digital world.

As every engineering department was hosting their relevant areas, CS (Computer Science) engineering executed their sessions for IT geeks to take a plunge on IT innovation. It creates an opportunity for the demanding industry needs. CS department had TWO days workshop on IoT (Internet of Things), which is an emerging technology in the current industry.

Back to me. I always crazy about prime institutes, since my childhood days. CEG is one among them. With high degree of aspiration / passion, became CEG alumni through my degree between 2008 and 2010. Today, Time promoted me to be the chief guest of this great institute with high degree of blessings. Thanks Almighty!

Being hot core IT product engineer, blessed with multiple opportunities / challenges to work around the emerging disruptive technologies like IoT and BigData, for last 5 years; prior to my .NET space. With great amount of learning from my beloved colleagues/mentors, drafted a practical approach presentation entitled “Big Data weds IoT”. CEG session was well received by the enthusiastic researchers, which got reflected in multiple smart shoots of questions. Happy learning to me!

With this nostalgic feeling, time to appreciate all time, environment, mentors for my transition. Thanks with closing note: “Time is always with the people who have courage to fly.“

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