Thursday, May 18, 2017

AI First

Start of my career, technology swifts by every decade; now by year.  Some times, itz so fast by months.

A couple of years ago, most of the companies lived by the slogan ‘digital first’.  Recent time, it has been shifted towards 'mobile first' mantra.  You know what??  Again therez a change in the slogan 'AI first'

It was reflected in this special week.  As part of I/O 2017, Google CEO Sundar demonstrated their emerging product lines like Google Lens with the fundamental theme of AI First.  In the similar fashion, Microsoft CEO shared their vision around AI.

The biggest technology companies in the world (like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc) already made the switch towards AI first. For them it's not the future, it's today's reality.

Artificial intelligence won’t take over the human aspect of IT services, but it definitely will add a layer to it that will increase customer experience quite a bit.

So, basically, itz the right time to start thinking about how the firm will create strong customer relations in an AI first world.

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