Saturday, May 8, 2010


Jst back from one of the lovely moments in the life.

Guess what! Itz 20th Annual meet. Our effort started few months back. Out of 24 classmates, 16 gathered with families across the globe. It was initiated on 2003 end after my US return. Though, we had 2 gatherings (just friends), this May-2010 event was mega with family, prof, HOD, principal. Lot of emotional, thanks, sorry, dedication during stage shows. In fact, our teachers were so proud on seeing our growth. We presented a small video with full of old memories and thanx note with inspiring note. Mind blowing!
Few families had Kodai 5 days trip in an isolated guest house, as the follow-up. Had great fun, teasing, old moments sharing to next gen, etc

As JK said, Life is full of lovely moments. With that, now back to work. Herez some snaps at

We are humbled and honored to host tribute to our teachers


  1. Nice to hear abt the reunion Ganesan.. Good show.. Another point of inspiration from you :-)

  2. This Awesome Ganesan ! Gettogther after 20 years is really unbelievable...we also want to have one like this..