Sunday, May 16, 2010

ASP .NET MVC backyard

With the coding experience of VC++, previous gen programmers learnt Model View Controller (MVC) pattern in During that course, they need to write from scratch meaning writing their own model, views and controller in VC++ using MFC base classes. The behavior of MVC operations are hardly coded by making their hands dirty. With this tech background, had a chance to write the first ASP .NET MVC using 2.0 RC (Release Candidate) framework, supplied by Microsoft. You know what, itz surprising experience Becaz FW automatically built the project solution structure in a true way with Model, View, Controller, Config projects and the core functional objects.

As the programmer, the duty is jst adding my product messages within little timeslot. FW takes care of the complete MVC operations; programmer needs to type a tiny LOC(Line Of Code) to complete the product.

On watching this programming trend, itz obvious that vendors are focusing more and more core work and programmers are jst to heat the frozen food to eat; no more kitchen stuff!

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