Saturday, October 30, 2010

Biz Tech-ThoughtWorks

Today, attended ThoughtWork's BizTech conference (web site at Just wanted to share the knowledge what learnt.

Session had 2 topics, 'Agile & TDD' by Vijay and 'Formal methods' by Rajesh. Itz a wonderful techy day between 10AM and 3PM. Audience shot lot of interesting/sensible questions, which shows the quality of presentation. TW shares not only business benefits of Agile; but also industry growth (surprisingly) Inter sting topics are pair programming, test driven development, tech debt, story card, safety net, continuous improvement. Since, the model is contra with traditional development model, people asked the typical questions like pair conflicts, level of knowledge, project bidding, cost of ownership, project billing, extra person hours, etc . Answers were awesome!

As the result, I got better perception. My understanding is that there are two key success factors for ThoughtWorkers. (1) Organization culture (2) Attitude of Learn & Grow.

Hats off to Martin Fowler for building 1700 world class knowledge workers across the globe. In the current IT environment, Martin makes a huge difference in work culture to produce better quality and productivity. Inspired by his leadership.


  1. Ganesan,,

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