Friday, October 22, 2010

No standard library

On working with every new versions of VS, itz quite interesting to have everything handy. As an example, you use FW class without its namespace declared. New VS recommends to declare it by a right click. I know Microsoft is supporting these features for developer's productivity. Unfortunately, it leads into lazy to learn.

Letz take a classic example of no standard library. On using /nostdlib switch, C# compiler wont refer MSCorLib.dll at all, meaning developer needs to share the list of all assembly references. In fact, Microsoft uses this switch when building the MSCorLib.dll assembly itself and in other cases. Sample compiler command layout would be:

csc.exe /out:Program.exe /t:winexe /nostdlib Program.cs

I know itz debatable question about productivity vs learning block; but itz a tech bit to think. At the same time, FW Expert like Brad Adrams gives better pictures on core libraries.

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