Sunday, August 12, 2012

Windows8 TouchPad

On June 1, 2011 Microsoft launched the next generation of Windows, currently known as Windows 8, at the D9 Conference.

Windows 8 is a complete re-working of the windows operating system and one that will work on all devices from tiny touch screen phones to desktops. Windows 8 will work with traditional keyboards and mouse but also on touch screens too.

This is a huge project and they are re-examining and re-designing every aspect of the windows operating system architecture.

The key improvements to look out for in Windows 8 include:
  • A start screen to replace the Windows Start menu. This will be made up from tiles that will enable you to launch apps faster.
  • Each tile app will be 'live', that is, it will provide you with constantly updated information about your apps.
  • Easier switching between running apps.
  • The ability to snap and resize apps to have several open on your desktop at once.
  • Touch optimized browsing using Internet Explorer 10.
To give users an idea of what to expect, they launched a video too, which you can find here:

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