Thursday, July 19, 2012


Gartners' David Cearley listed the top ten strategic technology trends that the research and advisory company think will impact IT departments most of the next year.

The list (as shown) consists of media tablets, mobile-centric applications, contextual and social user experience, the Internet of Things, app stores and marketplaces, next-generation analytics, big data, in-memory computing, extreme low-energy servers, and cloud computing.

Cearley explained that the inexorable push of technology, as exemplified by Moore's Law of improving semiconductor density and Metcalfe's Law of improving the value of networks as they get larger, was leading to the "digitization of everything." 

He then detailed the specific trends:

"Say hello to the post-PC era," he said. He expects "Bring Your Own Technology" will remain the norm, as people use their own phones and media tablets, though this leads to security and management challenges. He also expects no single platform, form factor, or technology to dominate, meaning Windows share of client devices will shrink steadily even though Windows may grow in absolute numbers.

Microsoft Windows8 strategy is aligned with this industry trend by providing seamless integration between desktop, web, mobile clients.

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