Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Our team recently integrated Vertica with the existing DataStax Cassandra tech stack in non-prod region.

On  Day-1 PreProd end-end processing, the performance results are really impressive with an average of 90% improvement. As an example, 20 mins Hive job is slashed down to 2 mins Vertica fetch.

Technology Trade Secrets are:
  1. In-memory execution rather than disk I/O processing
  2. Powerful In memory of 256 GB RAM with 12 Core on each node
  3. Proprietary high performance(MPP) appliances like terradata, exadata
  4. Column oriented (traditional row-oriented) database for speedy fetch/analytic
  5. In-memory distributed processing (inspired by MapReduce algorithm)
  6. High level of in-built compression & encoding in data abstraction
  7. High availability using replication factor on cluster nodes

Recently Facebook selected the HP Vertica Analytics Platform as one component of its big data infrastructure. Ref:http://www.vertica.com/2013/12/12/welcoming-facebook-to-the-growing-family-of-hp-vertica-customers/

Choosing the right technology for right use case is key to success in Big Data platform.  Njoy the Continuous Learning on Big Data next generation.

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