Friday, January 30, 2015

Amazon vs Microsoft

Yday, WallStreet Journal article says Amazon Starts Email Service for Companies.  Ref: WSJ

Amazon wants to bump Microsoft's Exchange out of its cozy position in the enterprise world. To do that, the company has announced WorkMail, a secure email and calendar platform aimed squarely at businesses.

WorkMail can be used with existing email clients like Outlook.

According to Forbes, it will offer shared inboxes, shared calendars, and a global, company-wide address book, among other features, running its massive AWS cloud infrastructure.

WorkMail data is deeply encrypted with private keys, and the company is letting enterprise clients pick a geographic region where their emails will be stored. That could help employees access messages faster, but more importantly means that privacy-minded businesses can pick a region with favorable laws designed to keep prying eyes away from their data.

WorkMail will cost $4 per inbox, a rate that's largely in line with what Microsoft and Google charge for their enterprise offerings.

Q2 2015

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