Friday, February 20, 2015

Microsoft Cosmos

A new Microsoft data crunching framework is set to launch - Cosmos, which is a potential competitor to both Hadoop and eventually Google’s homegrown Dataflow.

Microsoft Cosmos is used extensively within the company to aggregate data from every major service into a shared pool. These services include Azure, Skype, and search engine Bing.

It is similar to MapReduce, the heart of Hadoop, as it uses a structured query interface. However, Cosmos has the additional ability of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), a method of modeling to connect different kinds of information.

Prior to Cosmos, Microsoft’s homegrown alternative to Hadoop’s batch processing platform was developed until 2011 and was hailed as a potential Hadoop challenger.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined the company’s path to deliver a platform for ambient intelligence at a past customer event, stressing a “data culture.”  It was inked in my earlier blog:

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