Friday, May 15, 2015

Azure Camp

Yday, I took part in Microsoft Dev Camp on Azure Essentials.  After making my hands dirty on Azure Camp-2011, didn't have the opportunity to dive into Azure; more focused on Big Data space.  Now, itz great to learn Azure's maturity over the last years.

Herez take away points at end of Yday sessions.

Why Cloud? 
3 Core Advantages: Speed, Scale, Cost

Howz Azure Spread?
17 regions, as of now. Satya-CEO recently shared the plan of few additional centres within India, to start with Pune. Local,Zone,Geo-Redundant are opted for replication, to build the high availability.

Few Stats

  • 57% of Fortune-500 companies 
  • 1 million SQL DBs 
  • 3 million request per second 
  • 300 million active users.

Non Microsoft Support

  • Azure is no longer only Microsoft compliant; but Heterogeneous
  • Runtime- beyond .NET, Java, Python, Node.JS, PHP
  • Storage- beyond SQLServer, MySQL, Redis, CouchDB, Hadoop, Cassandra
  • Operating System - beyond Windows, Linux

Auto Scaling is possible with work load thresholds and instance max limits. Instance's RAM threshold of 445GB

Cost Model
Online cost calculator is available at

Managed Services
Azure services are completely self managed via dashboard, configured notification, real time monitoring, etc.
Services are offered in 3 major modes: Basic, Standard, Premium
ISO27001 Cloud Security Alliance compliant

Iot (Internet of Things) Adaptability
Using 5 emerging concepts: Event Hubs, Notification Hubs, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, HDInsight

App Model
Web App & Mobile App are current trend; Logic App & API App are futuristic App model. Azure supports them.

My recommendation is to read the book on Microsoft Azure Essentials by Michael Collier & Robin Shahan. Itz freely available at

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