Thursday, May 7, 2015

Double Century

Exactly 5 years later, my weekly tech blog reaches 200th artifact nearing 55K views and 21 registered  followers.  Thanks everyone for the continuous support to ink my point of view.

In this special edition, I would like to share my recent interview experience with Amazon. I wish to be part of the top notch product companies; just for the work culture.  Wish list includes google, microsoft, amazon, etc.

Short listing the profile itself is an immense learning process for me.  On the complete scan of my profile with the industry's consistent contributions, short-listed for 9 rounds of battle towards the senior leadership position.  I heard the position was open for more than a year, becaz of the missing right fit. I was little surprised and excited to start the tech war with the legend. My goal was to evaluate my skill par with the industry giant; to be honest just to pass first round.

Round 1 & 2, were in deep technical d(r)ive for exactly an hour each.  It covered the end-end solution architecture of the systems with code level details. After couple of days, got the big surprise that I cleared the initial rounds; now little scared too.  Oh my god!  On Tuesday, I was invited to have the full day mela for next 7 rounds, if required.

Day came!!! Cab pickup was given to start the day at 9AM. Pack jam of fun and learning during the interview process of all rounds till 7PM.  Really admire to see the innovative and inspiring way of interview process for the first time. Amazon is so transparent, even to the candidate. Though I didn't clear finally, I'm really impressed not only interview but also selection process.  Final due-diligence with all interviewers, is the decision call with all dimensions.  Even a single person can influence the result with their point of view towards firm's goal.

Majority of my result was outstanding especially technology; just slipped in financial leadership to execute the given L7 role. To be honest, I didn't expect the positive spots; but agreed with my improvement area. In spite of the result, I've so many lessons in this process (at least Top-5) to share:

1. Deep Dive
Getting to the nitty-gritty of the solution,  enables to analyze the problem on a deeper level.  Amazon expects the deep dive from the candidate.

2. Customer Focus
Basically Amazon aspires to be Earth's most customer-centric company. I noticed it was extended to every people.

3. No Deviation
I was not tweak in Tech role becaz the opted position required the variety of leadership hat.  No deviation, stick with their focus/need.

4. Huge Expectation
Past is experience, Present is experiment, Future is expectation. Amazon expects experience in your experiments to achieve their high expectation.

5. Rigid Standards
Positions are important than person.  Meaning, they are ready to await for the right candidate till they get it complete; time doesn't matter.

Dedication to my buddy Raja for stretching me to go beyond, since childhood friendship.  With good amount of (l)earning experience, my passionate journey drives on 'Continuous Learning & Continuous Sharing' motto.


  1. Good to know that Amazon has rated you Outstanding in Technology. Wishing you all the best for next rounds with other giants!!!

  2. Awesome. Days are not for away to be board on tier1 companies in top level positions. All the very best.

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