Thursday, July 9, 2015

ThankYou Card

A lot of people don’t realize this, but the Pulse app was built as a class project at Stanford University in 2010. Pulse today powers a lot of content you see on LinkedIn’s homepage feed. They reached an incredible milestone for the LinkedIn publishing platform: 1 million professionals have now written a post on LinkedIn.

Over 1 million unique writers publish more than 130,000 posts a week on LinkedIn. About 45% of readers are in the upper ranks of their industries: managers, VPs, CEOs, etc. The top content-demanding industries are tech, financial services and higher education. The average post now reaches professionals in 21 industries and 9 countries.

In this big metric, I'm also taking tiny contribution @ Pulse.  In conjunction with 1 million post celebration, I just received 'Thank You' card from LinkedIn.

If you’re writing on LinkedIn or interested in starting, join the Writing on LinkedIn Group. Not sure “What’s stopping you?”.  Continuous Learning & Continuous Sharing is mantra for our industry.

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