Thursday, February 18, 2016

Algorithm Badge

As per my famous quote, IT professionals need to breadth day in and day out with software coding.

  •    Chef can't survive without Food
  •    Carpenter without Wood
  •    Software without Code

In the process of Continuous learning, evaluation & sharing, Industry provides so many free platforms on your choice:

  1. Hands-on interactive learning on emerging technology (using CodeAcademy, etc.)
  2. Learnt skill Validation (using HackerRank, TopCoder, LeetCode, InterviewBit, etc.)
  3. Bench marking with Industry Certification (Microsoft-.NET, Oracle-Java, Cloudera-Big Data, etc.)
  4. Sharing the (l)earning (CodeProject, Pulse, Blogspot, Wordpress, etc.)

I'm delighted to share the first milestone @ HackerRank.  Yeps.  Badge (Level-1 Completion) on my favorite area - Algorithm.

Just a recap.  HackerRank focuses on competitive programming challenges using problem statements and contests in different domains of Computer Science. Inspiring to solve interesting and challenging programming problems using itz platform.

HackerRank tech domain validates the depth & breadth of your technical skill.  Each problem statement is enjoyable and motivating to gear further. Interesting part is the completion of all test cases within 3 seconds :-

Software Professionals will generally agree that learning the latest and hottest set of technologies will help you advance your career and avoid getting left behind.  In addition, most of us know that specialization in one technology stack triumphs shallow knowledge in many others.

In spite of the industry saturation and high business/cost challenges, Software companies are always in high demand for the quality hands-on IT professionals.

With this motivation & interest, let me continue my passionate coding path.  Happy Coding all IT professonals !!!