Thursday, February 11, 2016

Apple India

Following Google and Microsoft, Apple Inc is to open its first technology development centre outside the United States in Hyderabad, India.  It is anticipated to create 4,500 jobs for locals.

The California-based multinational technology development company will initially open its innovation centre in June and launch fully fledged operations by the end of this year. It plans to develop maps and make them available in its iPhones and Mac systems.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, during his visit to India in December last year, announced that his company will open South Asia's biggest campus, and Google's only campus outside its headquarters in the US, in Hyderabad in the next few years.

Microsoft's Windows 10 was developed in Hyderabad, but it has been a global product now. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visited Hyderabad in December and announced plans to expand his company's operations in the state.

Is it so awesome to have Google, Microsoft & Apple in the same city - Hyderabad, INDIA?

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