Thursday, March 24, 2016

Altiscale Insight Cloud

Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) vendor Altiscale is moving up the stack with a new service called Altiscale Insight Cloud, which sits on top of existing service Altiscale Data Cloud. How it works?

Ingest services consist of a user interface over jobs that run on Apache Oozie, and allow the definition of validation rules on the ingested data. Analysis functionality is provided by an OEM'd implementation of Alation, a product which acts as a data catalog. Underneath Alation, Altiscale has configured the Hadoop cluster such that Hive and Spark SQL point to exactly the same data files, and either technology be used to satisfy queries.

Insight Cloud nicely finishes off the raw infrastructure of Altiscale Data Cloud with some basic functionality to make the combination of Hadoop and Spark more usable, but without reinventing the wheels that BI and Big Data analytics players have in-market already.

Altiscale says Insight Cloud is a Hadoop/Spark offering that is very BI tool-ready, so that users of Tableau, Excel or other common self-service tools can more readily attach to and analyze Big Data.

Pricing is consumption driven, and at $9,000/month for 20TB of storage and 10,000 "task hours". Having Insight Cloud in-market makes Altiscale more competitive with fellow HaaS provider Qubole. 

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