Saturday, March 19, 2016

AWS Decade

Looking back at the past decade, it is pretty impressive to see just how much the IT world has changed. Even more impressive, the change is not limited to technology. Business models have changed, as has the language around it.

A decade ago we would not have spoken of the cloud, micro-services, server-less applications, the Internet of Things, containers, or lean startups. We would not have practiced continuous integration, continuous delivery, DevOps, or ChatOps

Today, keeping current means staying abreast of developments in programming languages, system architectures, and industry best practices. It means that you spend time every day improving your current skills and looking for new ones.

Itz great to turn back and look at the success path of AWS:
  • 2006 - Amazon EC2 & S3 - Elasticity Computing (EC) & Storage
  • 2009 -  Amazon RDS - Relational Database Service on Demand
  • 2012 – Amazon DynamoDB – Internet-Scale Data Storage 
  • 2012 – Amazon Redshift - Data Warehouses in Minutes not Quarters 
  • 2013 – Amazon Kinesis – real time data capturing, processing 
  • 2014 – AWS Lambda - A New Programming Model 
  • 2015 – AWS IoT - Devices are the Future 

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To AWS, Congratulations on an awesome ten years. To us,  Keep on learning, keep on building, and keep on sharing successes with the society!

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