Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big Data Business

In the current state of IT world, you can get the answer for any question with the multiple sources.  Vast data around you.  All you need to do is analyze and know how to fetch what you want.

Until two years ago though, much of that data wasn’t structured, nor was it leveraged in the most effective manner. Which is why the multi-billion dollar multinational decided to create a separate team—and assigned a dedicated leader—to spearhead a big data initiative.

Let get into the business advantage of Big Data. Three key business benefits:

  1. Allows companies to streamline costs.
  2. Helps introduce relevant product to the market.
  3. Drives up market share

BloomReach, a provider of web site content optimization solutions based on Big Data, recently announced Series C funding of $25 million. GoodData, which provides dashboards for understanding sales, marketing, and other business functions, announced $25M of additional funding in July. And Predictive CRM company Lattice is backed by Sequoia Capital.

Big Data Applications (BDAs) are the hot topic and itz relfected in the attached graph.

According to State of the Indian CIO Survey, 40 percent of Indian IT leaders plan to implement big data analytics over the course of this year—while 16 percent say they are already in the process of implementing it.

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