Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Data

Happy New Year to all readers!  Last month, was engaged fully into one of the enterprise Big Data project and so a small gap in my blog.

Information Technology (IT) experts are all dropped off from cloud computing buzz and hopped into the big data band wagon.

Is Big Data a new concept? – No. The concept has been there for four decades and it has been named as enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and the focus of EDW is primarily on the internal structured data.

The simplest view of a data warehouse is to take all the operational data to one place as single point of truth for the organization and all the combination of analytical reports are generated out of it.

Data architect (or) data scientist works to identify a set of differentiating data from a massive data set. Differentiating data will be modeled and derived when the product, service, consumer & partner trends are studied and understood. The consumer, partner, product and economical data is unstructured in uncharted territory. A massive data set in uncharted territory includes both internal, external structured and unstructured data. The massive data set is called big data.

The objective of this blog series, is to bring the key concepts of big data based on my experience.

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