Sunday, January 27, 2013

Microsoft Big Data

As one of the big fan of Microsoft, I am learning their Big Data Strategy.

Recently, Microsoft announced HDInsight, Microsoft’s Hadoop distribution for managing, analysing and making sense out of large volumes of data. Microsoft worked with Hortonworks and the Hadoop ecosystem to broaden the adoption of Hadoop and the unique opportunity for organizations to derive new insights from Big Data.

The proposal was to the Apache Software Foundation for enhancements to Hadoop to run on Windows Server and are also in the process of submitting further proposals for a JavaScript framework and a Hive ODBC Driver.

The JavaScript framework simplifies programming on Hadoop by making JavaScript a first class programming language for developers to write and deploy MapReduce programs. The Hive ODBC Driver enables connectivity to Hadoop data from a wide range of Business Intelligence tools including PowerPivot for Excel.

As the collaboration result of several leading Big Data vendors like Karmasphere, Datameer and HStreaming,  we've Big Data solutions of Hadoop based service on Windows Server & Windows Azure.

Overall, Microsoft’s strategy seems to be to offer path of least resistance for it’s customers to adopting Big Data – by extending existing tools such as SQL Server and Office to work seamlessly with new data types and allowing companies to take advantage of their existing investments while making new ones.

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