Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IBM 10gen Collaboration

IBM and 10gen, the MongoDB company, have announced they are collaborating on a database development standard to push MongoDB as a core NoSQL database for enterprises building web and mobile apps.

Speaking at a press event at the IBM Innovate 2013 conference here, Matt Asay, vice president of business development and corporate strategy at 10gen, said: “IBM embraces open source communities. And IBM is working with 10gen in establishing MongoDB as an industry standard for NoSQL databases. But this by no means indicates that IBM will be diminishing its investment in its own proprietary databases.” Asay was quick to note that he was not trying to speak for IBM.

The identification of a standard NoSQL database is important because millions of developers designing web and mobile apps are using popular NoSQL database technology like MongoDB, and companies need the tools to combine data from these new apps with enterprise databases like IBM’s DB2 that power organizations of all sizes today. By embracing MongoDB IBM is providing mobile developers with the ability to tap into critical data managed by DB2 systems and enable organizations to extend their business through compelling enterprise apps.

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