Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tibco Streambase

Palo Alto Calif.-based Tibco is a midsize enterprise company that competes with giants like IBM and Oracle. It has been around since the late ’90s, and it provides infrastructure software that its clients can use in the cloud or on site.

Tibco targeted Streambase for its data analytics technology, which is used for algorithmic trading, and it’s a known brand in the capital markets. Tibco is also popular with Wall Street firms, a highly lucrative source of business.

“This combination extends our event-processing abilities and provides a terrific opportunity to address a growing number of use cases for data in motion – in financial services and beyond,” said Tibco chief technology officer Matt Quinn in a statement.

This spring, Tibco acquired a French location analytics company Maporama, which it will roll into its Spotfire offering. Spotfire, along with Tibco’s messaging product, Tibbr, and some other cloud products, is growing rapidly.

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