Sunday, June 2, 2013

Netflix BigData

Netflix is the big Kahuna of a Web media businesses, with 33 million subscribers in more than 40 countries. As Netflix's "watch now" streaming service has grown, the company has had to rethink its data and storage strategies to cope with ballooning workloads managed in the cloud.

Today, the company is nearly complete in its migration from Oracle to the NoSQL database Cassandra, improving availability and essentially eliminating downtime incurred by database schema changes.

Netflix launched its streaming service in 2007, using the Oracle database as the back end. In 2010, Netflix began moving its data to Amazon Web Services. The current step is to replace its Oracle database with Apache Cassandra, an open source NoSQL database known for its scalability and enterprise-grade reliability.

With billions of reads and writes daily, Netflix relies on NoSQL database Cassandra to replace a legacy Oracle deployment.

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